School & Club Shop

There are three Categories of goods in the shop - Second Hand, Nearly New and New, which means there are some real bargains to be had!

Want To Sell An Item?
Children grow so quickly and we adults can sometimes buy things for a specific event never to wear them again, so there must be lots of unwanted shoes and dresses out there!  We are always looking for additional items, so if you have anything you want to sell, please hand it to Gill or Georgina, marked with your name and the price you would like to achieve and we will be pleased to upload them for you.

What Do We Sell?
Currently the site only has dance shoes, but keep watching, there's much more to come!  You can, however, order any dancewear NEW that you see at the links provided.

How Do You Purchase?
When you find something on this site that you think you want, simply email with the subject heading 'Shop', and tell us the code of the item you are interested in.  We will then mark it as being 'Under Offer' to reserve it for you and bring it to your next class for you to view and try on.  If you like it, then you can pay by cash or cheque there and then.

If you can't find something you want, or are looking specifically for a new item, then you can use the links shown on this page to browse through.  When you find the item you want then email with the subject heading 'Shop', telling us what site you saw the item on, the code and name if applicable, the manufacturer and the size you want.  We will then hunt it out through our suppliers to get you the best possible price and order it for you.  If we can't find it cheaper than you've seen, we will let you know before we order it.
We will then bring it your next class for you to try on.  You are under no obligation to purchase, but if it has to be returned you may incur postage costs.  If this is the case we will let you know before we order it to make sure that's okay.

We hope you find this service useful!