Welcome 2020!

WELCOME 2020 ...
This  year we celebrated New Beginnings ...

 New hall, new year, new outlook - and in the warm!

Despite the smaller venue we managed without any problem and as always had a great time.  The only hitch was when the amplifier blew at 11.30 pm making me panic a little BUT- so grateful that I always put a back up in the car!  No one complained although the sound quality dropped slightly, so all was well.

You kept up a great pace right through the evening and kept it going to the end with only a break for refreshments, when there was a lovely spread supplied by you - many thanks for that!

Thanks to my brother Trevor and to Brian for helping out with the organisation and thanks to everyone for being such fun as always!

We have some great pictures which are available here in pdf and here as a slide show.  

I'd like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all my pupils and club members for their continued support throughout the year!  May 2020 be a good one!