Welcome 2017!

WELCOME 2017 ...
Once again the Grosvenor Ballroom was the venue for New Year Celebration which was all about Fire & Ice.

I promised a glowing welcome to 2017 and we certainly had that!  A glowing fire and a snowy 'Olaf' along with glowing red and blue balls decorated the hall - my how those balls could bounce!  Ask my brother, we spent half the afternoon trying to catch most them!  Glow glasses, fibre optic hair pieces and the most creative use of finger led lights I've ever seen added to the ambience!  We had lights on shoe buckles and heels, eye glasses, fingers, bracelets and some on their ears!!!

Thanks to everyone for making it such fun and another great success.  You kept up a great pace right through the evening and kept it going to the end!  Not even a break in the middle this year.

Thanks also for the lovely spread you provided, delicious as always and more than enough to go round!  And thanks to my long suffering brother Trevor, who yet again got roped in to help with the organisation etc!

We have some great pictures which are available here in pdf and here as a slide show.  

I'd like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all my pupils and club members for their continued support throughout the year!