Welcome 2015!

WELCOME 2015 ...
We returned again to the Grosvenor to welcome in the New Year with a night that was truly Magic!

First highlight for me was that this year not only my brother Trev, but son BJ and his delightful partner Vanessa joined us for the evening, despite us all only arriving back from the USA at lunchtime the day before!  They were a great help and it was such fun to see them getting up on the floor (although I haven't convinced Trev to do that yet!)

Lot's of club members also joined us this year for the first time, along with guests of members, and everyone seemed to have a lot of energy, actually lasting through right to the end!

Aiydin did a fabulous job as our resident magician for the evening, wowing everyone with his table magic.  A truly lucky find for me as I wasn't aware he could do magic until after I'd decided on the theme! He's open to offers if anyone has a use for some entertainment at a function!  Thanks to Vicky too for sitting through all that she must have seen a thousand times before! And I'm pleased to say that everyone had a go at trying to fathom out their own tricks too - some more successfully than others - but there was great focus from all!

We got the party going early this year and kept it going at a good pace, both before and after the break for a lovely spread - thanks to everyone for that!

Some great pictures are available here in pdf and here as a slide show.  A memorable evening for me and a big thank you to all my pupils and club members for their continued support throughout the year!