Welcome 2014!

WELCOME 2014 ...
No longer able to have our New Year's Eve celebrations at Bromborough, we moved to the Grosvenor Ballroom with great success!

2013 had certainly not been a good one for me personally and I was glad to see it go, with much gratitude to all my pupils and club members for keeping me going throughout the year and helping me to enjoy life regardless!

Our theme for the evening was a Casino Night, with an Uptown and Downtown feel!  Uptown we played Roulette, Black Jack, Poker etc and Downtown we played the slot machines and blow football!

As always everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion and a good time was had by all!  Thanks to all those who gave a hand to clear up, pour the champagne etc, your help was much appreciated. Special thanks to my brother who came along this year and not only helped me set up, but spent New Year's Day figuring out which chips belonged in which box - I made a promise it wouldn't happen again, but had my fingers and toes crossed when I said it, after all, who knows?

The highlight of the night, no the year, was watching Terry Perry doing the twist and the YMCA!  Fabulous!

Download the pdf here, or the slide show here - enjoy!