Welcome 2012!

WELCOME 2012 ...
Our first New Year's Eve Dance - I was a little nervous about doing this, but with 60 such great people I guess there was no need!  

We took a trip on a magic carpet ride, visiting Spain, Ireland, New York, New Orleans and Rio amongst other places and made it back in time to welcome in 2012 in Edinburgh!  

Shame it was so windy and the Chinese Lanterns didn't quite fly as well as they should have done, but I guess you can't do anything about the weather, no matter how good the idea seems!

Well done to those of you who opened the bubbly without spilling it - though I will tell you now that the winner cheated (as you've probably all forgotten who won), but a note to the culprit, I shall be watching you in the future!

Thank you all for being such good sports!

As always, comments are welcome, email to steppingitout@gmail.comwith the subject heading "Welcome 2012" and I will post it for you - and pics if you have any please!!!
There are a few that I took attached below.

Gill xxx