Llandudno Weekend 2018

Another fun filled weekend with a great crowd and many first timers, who I hope will not make it their last!  The hotel had undergone some refurbishment during the year and the ballroom was looking good.

Friday night was Gill's party night and as always we did just that!  Great fun, good music and a wonderful 'family' atmosphere.  I missed my helper though, unfortunately Fiona couldn't be with us and so half the decorations fell down at some point during the evening, and it felt very odd not having her around!

Pics of Friday night can be downloaded as a pdf here, or a slideshow viewed here.

I'm pleased to say that Santa did NOT invade my ballroom on Saturday morning and our class was really successful - Mambo v Salsa.  Everyone had fun and mastered the whole thing, brilliant!  This was of course in preparation for our 'Carnaval De Cuba' evening and I'm pleased to say many people put their lesson to good use!

The weather was reasonable allowing us to get out and about, but as we went later this year there were no fireworks to enjoy.

We had some wonderful costumes - Catherine Head & David Bull won out, with costumes that were truly spot on!  Christine Tomlinson was dressed as a Cuban flag and as you would expect Pat HIndley & Colin Flynn came up with a relaxed but effective perspective on their costumes!  Well done to everyone and thank you all for your effort and creativity!!  No-one said whether or not they had enjoyed their Cuba Libre or Majito prizes, but the rum truffles certainly went down well.

Pictures of all our Cuban Characters can be found here in pdf format to download, or the slideshow can be viewed here.

The Club is blessed with delightful people, who are great sports and full of fun.  Thank you all for making this weekend so successful!   We're trying something new next year, which will hopefully prove to be just as successful!