Llandudno Weekend 2016

After an enormous amount of concern on my part, this turned out to be a truly fabulous weekend!  Lots of fun as always and just everyone being the best of sports! Thank you all sooooo much!

It was great to have our first timers with us, who entered into the spirit like veterans!  Although, they were somewhat confused at the 'Christmas Eve' menu and dinner on Friday night!!  It was also wonderful to see the return of Jan & Richard Clarke following their move down south, a pleasure to meet Maria's sister and brother in law and a great disappointment that Gloria was unable to dance the whole weekend - although that didn't seem to stop Ron at all!

Friday night was Gill's party night and we did just that!  If I'd told anyone before hand that I'd have you quite literally on the floor doing the rowing boat dance to Oops Upside Your Head, no-one would have believed me!  Well done to those ladies who got down there dressed in their finest, it was so brave of you! I'm pleased to say everyone enjoyed the music and who could have failed to have a good time in that wonderful atmosphere!

Pics of Friday night can be downloaded as a pdf here, or a slideshow viewed here.

Saturday morning started off badly for me with not one but two Santas ringing bells in my ballroom!  How dare they!!!!  Having at last banished them, sanity returned and class commenced.  Paso Doble was the order of the day and what a good job everyone made of it!  Challenge for the evening was given - to do this Paso in the style of Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean!  Just one of the many Disney Movies to feature during the evening!  Our confused first timers informed me that they'd put up their Christmas stockings and Santa had visited - and showed me a photo on their phone to prove it!

The weather was reasonable, but despite this being the 5th November, NO fireworks!!!  What a disappointment.  Council cancelled and not due to the weather either!   

However, the company made up for it with some fabulous costumes, great humour and camaraderie! 

Congratulations to our costume winners - Maria and Fred Brown, who won because of their research! There were many truly fabulous outfits!

Only a few contestants took up my Jack Sparrow challenge, but they did a great job!  Well done to the Chalmers for winning that one - not an easy task when you're dressed as Minnie Mouse and Mr Banks!

Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs did an impromptu Cabaret - such fun guys!

No quiz this year - I'm so good to you!  The Pixar cars and Princess puzzles seemed to make for some fun though!  

Pictures of all our Disney Characters can be found here in pdf format to download, or the slideshow can be viewed here.

The Club is blessed with delightful people, who are great sports and full of fun.  Thank you all for making this weekend so successful!   So what's in store for 2017??!! ....