Llandudno Weekend 2015

Another great weekend, with a fabulous atmosphere!

Friday night was Gill's party night and we did just that, with the help of music from the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Cold Play and more!  It was great to have so many first timers with us and also to see the return of Jan & Richard Clarke following their move down south, and of course Danny & Kate Cunningham!

Pics of Friday night can be downloaded as a pdf here, or a slideshow viewed here.

Saturday morning class had to be in honour of our evening theme - the Golden Age of Broadway - so we delved into the world of American Smooth.  A Waltz and Foxtrot smooth style, put into the form of Sequence dances went down surprisingly well.  So well in fact, that many asked to keep them in  the Club Sequence Repertoire!

The weather was kind to us allowing most to venture out on to the Orme or enjoy other pursuits, but we were too early for fireworks this year. 

Our Broadway theme offered some fabulous music and a very large cast!  Many thanks to everyone for making such an effort yet again!  Congratulations to our costume winners - Patrick De Souza for his brilliant Kismet outfit and to Shelley Perry who was undoubtedly Liza from My Fair Lady!

Yet again there were groans because the Quiz was too hard - debatable!?  But the original Play Bills from the shows proved to be of great interest and a good talking point.  

Pictures of our show audiences and cast members can be found here in pdf format to download, or the slideshow can be viewed here.

The Club is blessed with delightful people, who are great sports and full of fun.  Thank you all for making this Weekend so successful!  Looking forward to our Disney Movie adventure - with fireworks - in 2016!