LLandudno Weekend 2013

Fabulous!  Many thanks to all those who took part, as always you were such good sports and made the weekend such fun.  Great to see so many first timers there!

Friday night was party night and we did party!  The raffle turned into bingo - well, we were by the sea - and despite the groans a good time was had by all.  Pics of Friday can be downloaded as a pdf here, or a slideshow viewed here.

Saturday morning found us doing a Swing class, which was great fun and prepared everyone for our visit to the famous Copacabana in New York during the 1940s.  Later in the day the wind was fairly strong, but the sun did come out for us and we were treated to a rainbow.  We were also lucky enough to be there at the right time to see the fireworks being let off from the pier.

At the Copa we were in good company with many stars, Lucille Ball came with Desi Arnez and the Andrews Sisters were there, to name but a few.  Sadly, the Sisters didn't tell me they had been rehearsing their act so we didn't get to see it - another time ladies for sure!  We also had a number of scary folk from the mob and the Vanderbilts came to dinner!  And of course an evening at the Copa wouldn't be anything without the presence of Carmen Miranda - three to be precise and all just fabulous!  All the costumes were fabulous, just take a look at the last picture in the slide show and compare are Lucy and Desi to the one hanging in the Copa and you'll see what I mean!

The Copa night pdf to download can be found here, and the slide show is in two parts.  Part I can be viewed here, Part II here.

The raffle was done with genuine copies of ration cards and coupons which was certainly a new take and everyone had a go at being in the Copa Chorus line which produced many surprises and a lot of laughs!

The Swing competition was amazing and sooooooooo difficult to judge, but our winners were deserving, having made a great job of including the Lindy kicks!  Well done to all!!

As for me, my highlights of the night were my dance with Mr Vanderbilt, my Swing with a great GI and a fabulous Argentine with a mobster - I for one literally had a ball!

I was so proud of my palm trees and the crowd at the Copa managed to decimate two out of three!  And there went my ideas for a Hawain evening - or did they?  Anyway, looking forward to next year - that will be a scary night as it will be Halloween!