Llandudno Weekend 2012

Another fabulous weekend!  Our Friday party night was great fun with everyone joining in the revelry.

The Bosa Nova was our special class Saturday morning and everyone did really well - Fred Brown seemed to take to it like a duck to water! Then the troops took off round the town trying to find the clues for our crime night, which identified a number of 'cheats' and some serious competitiveness!

The culprit was eventually found late Saturday evening and it would appear that members of the Wirral Dance Club are now well educated in the history of Alice In Wonderland and the LLandudno town!

Thanks to all for being such great sports as always!  2013 will be easy and relaxed - I promise!!

You can download a pdf file of Friday night here, or view the slide show here!
For Saturday night you need to click here for the pdf or here to view the slide show!

Gill xxxx