Tango Night Caldy 2009

WOW, WHAT A NIGHT!  Held at Caldy Golf Club during April 2009 for the Club members and guests, this was a great night!
Can't thank my fantastic Argentine Tango dancers enough for making it a such a great success - not only do you dance beautifully you do a pretty good job of teaching too!  I couldn't have done it without you!  All the members enjoyed themselves and despite the few tremors etc at the start of the evening there is no doubt that everyone had a good time.  How we managed with over 80 people on that handkerchief of a dance floor I don't know!!!
The Captain couldn't believe how late people had stayed and it would seem that there is a chance we might be invited back to do something else, which would be great.  I am also hoping that some of those surprisingly good male dancers will join us for classes very soon!
Once again my sincere thanks to ...
Diane & Bob Brown,  Shelley & Terry Perry, Catherine Head & David Bull, Jan & Fred Wilson, Eve Blair
Special thanks to my 'little' Eve who so kindly and uncomplainingly partnered my ex - you did a good job girl, I danced with him later and was amazed that he knew what he was doing, well done!
I know there were some more pictures taken on the night, please email them to me at steppingitout@gmail.com and I will be glad to upload them so we can all take a look!  There is a small pdf you can download here, or view the slide show here!