Salsa Evening 2009

This Ladies Night, held at the Holy Trinity Church in Spital, during January 2009, was a great success.
In fact, I can't believe how good you all were!
You just got right in there and taught like pros!  I would have welcomed the Alicia Dixon number looking a little better, but wow, you made up for it when we started teaching.  Soooooo adult about the whole thing, I was really proud of you and am sure your parents would have been! 
Hattie, sorry you were ill and unable to make it, but Steph did a grand job of stepping it out!  And Ann and Tom - your children would have been proud of you had they been there to see you dancing so well!
And talking about Tom, the only male amongst all those ladies - aren't you the charmer?!  Hidden depths obviously!
Unfortunately, no pics, but thanks again to ...
Caroline Watt;  Joanna Morley;  Victoria Ince;  Stephanie Eckersall; Tom & Ann McGenity
If anyone thought to take pics on their phone you know what to do - Email them to me at so that I can upload them!