Salsa Demo 2008

SALSA DEMO 2008 ...

We were invited to provide a Salsa Demonstration for the Rosemary Connelly Club's Christmas dinner, during December 2008 - one of the strangest evenings I have encountered!

Some very hyper active dancers before the event - although you danced well, thank you - and a DJ that should have been shot!!! 
Danny and Kate worked so hard on their dance and conquered their nerves to perform the first half wonderfully, only to miss out on the second half because of the DJ - I am sooooo sorry, you were just brilliant!  It's a good job the Seven Stars is only just down the road!
Caroline decided to get flu so was unable to be with us - thanks for making me work harder!  The thing is, you all looked wonderful, danced well and were well behaved when we got there!  You were great, well done -
Bethan Shields; Alexandra Harland; Stephanie Eckersall; Laura Lisboa; Victoria Ince; Joanna Morley; Harriet Millington; Danny & Kate Cunningham
Did anyone take any pics?  Please email them to me via so that I can upload them if you did!