Cultural Day 2009

My thanks to all those involved with this Indian Cultural Day, including parents for ferrying to rehearsals etc!  In aid of Charity, the event brought people of all ages, from all over the country during February 2009.
The 'show' was well received and all my dancers were great - I hope you enjoyed it!
Those involved were ...
Alexandra Harland; Stephanie Eckersall; Victoria Ince; Ellie Wright; Molly Gearey; Jan & Fred Wilson; Tom & Ann McGenity; Cameron Walker and Abbie Eckersall.
Cameron (5yrs) and Abbie (3yrs) melted hearts with their waltz;  Steph, Ellie and Molly turned out to be reasonable actresses in the 'Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend' quickstep; Alex did a good job of her freestyle (thanks to all those who helped keep her eyes off the floor!) and Vicky did a grand job with her Foxy (and of course quickstep, waltz and Rumba!)
Special mention to Ellie who jumped in there after only being with us a few weeks and coping with an ill dog on the day!  Adults all did brilliantly too despite a few nerves, you were great, well done! And the Cha number felt okay, but don't know how it looked as I couldn't see it - and not to forget a special thank you to Bob Brown for doing the music for me totally unrehearsed!
I don't have any pics, so if you do, please email to me at so that I can upload them here for us all to see!