Diamond Charity Week 2012

Our Diamond of A Party Night took place on Monday 13th August 2012 - What a night!

Many thanks to all those who turned up to give their support and brought with them a fabulous atmosphere!

Thanks to your efforts we raised £237.30!

The bring and buy stall made £15.30, the raffle took £56 and your refreshment donations amounted to £1.60.  The rest was taken on the door.

Special thanks to the Mersey Morris Men who were truly fabulous!  Everyone enjoyed your performances and a great sigh of relief was heard when the audience realised that I was not going to make them get up and try to emulate your skills! (I'll get you next time though!) If anyone's interested in joining up or wants to know more about them then click here!

Want to see their their amazing Scally Rapper again?  Then click here! 

Also a huge thank you to those of you who jumped to help clear the decks, I am forever grateful for your help!

We are still raising money for this years Diamond Charity with money from donations and a further raffle still coming in and I will keep you informed of progress.  The current raffle will be drawn on Sunday 19th August 2012 at the Grosvenor.

If anyone took photos PLEASE email me at steppingitout@gmail.com, or tell me where I can download them - as always I was too involved in the evening to remember to take any apart from the Morris Men who left me free for a while!  pdf can be downloaded here, slide show can be viewed here!

Thank you all again and well done!

'Good Pat' & Val Get Into The Spirit For Our Tap Class!