Award & MVP Winners

Congratulations to this year's award winners!

It always gives me great pleasure to acknowledge those pupils who have shown the Most Improvement and proven themselves to be the Hardest Worker.  Awards are given on a termly basis and presented at the end of year Party/Ball each Summer Term.
The most Consistent Worker throughout the year is also acknowledged - and deservedly so!
Deciding on the winners is never an easy task - there are always a number of pupils in the running for each award and sometimes it is so close that joint winners are the end result!  It goes without saying that our winners are outstanding and should be proud of themselves - but they shouldn't become complacent, they need to keep up the good work!

Similarly, just because pupils didn't win an award this year doesn't mean that there were not many who worked really hard and improved a great deal!  Keep it up and maybe it will be you next!

Beware though!  The adults are fast overtaking the children in the hard work and improvement stakes!

All current and past winners can be found

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