Christmas Dinner Dance 2013

Another fabulous annual Dinner Dance with lots of fun and frolics!

In total we had 89 people sitting down to a scrumptious five course meal, courtesy of Olivieri Catering once again.  The waiting staff were efficient yet unobtrusive and I don't think I heard one complaint or negative word.

Bubbles and gliders, and the inevitable balloons, kept the guests happy if not quiet - apologies for the strange lights on some of the photos, but these were due to the bubbles!

Once again we had many attending for the first time and all the guests looked dressed and ready to attend a high profile red carpet event! 

Everyone joined in the Christmas Tree dance and Waltzed beautifully with new partners!

I often wish we had longer for this fun evening, but I'm not sure I would have any energy left for the festivities still to follow!

Many thanks to everyone - here's hoping 2014 is as good!

Slide show ready to view here, or download a pdf right here!